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For those seeking Nicosia property,our office has a large selection of properties to meet any requirements either for personal or business use. As well as a huge selection of luxury and affordable homes, there is good accommodation for rentals and short visits. 

Our multilingual associate team is always on hand to offer advice and suggestions to satisfy even the most demanding client’s personal profile. 

The Nicosia district is located inland with Larnaca International airport a short 30 mins drive from the city. Nicosia, as the capital of Cyprus, offers great amenities for all. As distances are rather small, and there is a good road network, you can get around with relative ease. It is ideal for young families with many high standard public and private international schools, particularly in Strovolos. There are several parks, friendly family restaurants, play areas for children, all-year round sports facilities including tennis and football academies. It also offers a great selection of shopping malls with most major global chain stores represented in the busy city centre shopping area. 

Alongside Limassol, Nicosia shares the majority of all the major law, accounting and consulting firms headquarters, and most major multinationals and Cypriot businesses have their main offices in one of the 2 towns. Nicosia also houses all the embassies, headquarters of Cypriot government and semi-government bodies and the Cyprus Stock Exchange. It is also home to The University of Cyprus (Aglantzia area) as well as several postgraduate schools offering a high standard of further education for professionals. 

There are also some good business hotels such as the Cyprus Hilton and Hilton Park, making Nicosia an ideal choice for business people and working professionals, as well as those who occasionally like the buzz of the city, shopping, enjoy international fine dining or ethnic cuisine and nightlife. 

Nicosia is unique in its combination of modern and traditional architecture, with the old city 16th-century walls dating from the Venetian occupation, various cultural centres, museums and historical attractions. In addition, Nicosia offers shoppers with the latest fashions in high-quality shopping malls and the presence of most international brands and designer labels. 

As a real estate investor, Nicosia offers substantial benefits. With a predominantly Cypriot population, of middle to upper class and also the majority of government, diplomatic employees, there tends to be a market with a steady and higher level of income and a stable housing market as Nicosia is not dependent on tourism as much as other areas. There is therefore usually higher capital appreciation from year to year and therefore good potential for rentals. 

FOX Estates also offers property management services for Cyprus apartment buildings through its sister company FOX Smart Property Management.

If you would like to register your requirements, list your property with us or for any other enquiry you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us

Nicosia Office Contact Details

Location: 6, Georgiou Davari Street, 2024, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: (357) 22 87 33 80. 
About FOX 
FOX Smart Estate Agency (FOX) is a registered and licensed Real Estate Agent, in accordance with Cyprus Law. 

Our associates have been trained to assist potential buyers and sellers of properties across Cyprus to conclude their transactions with maximum efficiency, convenience and security. 

Our associates are required to follow a strict internal code of ethics. The team has associates that speak several languages in addition to Greek and English, such as French, German and Russian. 

FOX is managed by George Mouskides, who has vast experience in real estate valuations and real estate investments. The office advises on real estate investment opportunities for institutional as well as individual investors. The office also offers property management services which includes the administration of common expenses in apartment buildings.

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