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Welcome to Fox Smart Estate Agency news page, here you can view all the latest Cyprus property news from the local experts. So if you want to find our more about the Cyprus real estate industry check out our latest news articles below:

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  • Is having property to rent worthwhile?

    Published on 20th June 2018

    It is widely accepted that rent prices have been on the rise recently. Many tenants are complaining that rents are high compared to their income and are having difficulty making ends meet. Are increased rents though a good enough reason for someone to buy property and rent it out? Analysis We will try to pass on some information to help everybody reach the correct conclusions. Despite the fact that…

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  • Immovable Property Taxes & Fees

    Published on 7th June 2018

      As things stand today, there are about ten different taxations/fees/levies regarding immovable property, paid to different authorities on different dates. The question begging for an answer is if an owner can find a way out of this bureaucracy web, to which we answer, ‘’NO’’.   The restructuring and simplification of what is now in place is possible if we aim for…

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  • Exploring Cyprus

    Published on 22nd May 2018

    In recent months Cyprus Real Estate as been growing stronger and stronger, by the end of 2017 we saw a 24% increase in sale contract across Cyprus. That being said it’s no surprise that more and more people are visiting the island and when they see how beautiful Cyprus is alongside the value of property increasing, they don’t want to leave.    So if you are thinking of making…

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    Published on 25th April 2017

    The Council of Ministers has wrongly decided that there will be no rent increase for properties that fall under the Tenancy Law. The decision concerns the period between 22/04/2017 to 21/04/2019. What is the message sent to both local and foreign investors with this decision? The 1983 Tenancy law regulates properties built before 2000 in specific controlled areas and for which there is no rental agreement…

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  • Housing loans for Rookies - Cyprus Real Estate

    Published on 19th April 2017

    We have revised the original article with the same title in order to simplify and amend relevant information for ease of the reader. It is amazing how many potential buyers, ready to sign a contract, have so many unanswered questions about the terms of housing loans. We thus decided to offer advice to new borrowers who need help in order to de-codify the complex loan schemes that banks present A bit…

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