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Welcome to Fox Smart Estate Agency news page, here you can view all the latest Cyprus property news from the local experts. So if you want to find our more about the Cyprus real estate industry check out our latest news articles below:

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  • The Smart Technology Transforming Homes in Cyprus

    Published on 8th July 2019

    The Smart Technology Transforming Homes in Cyprus It is estimated that by the end of 2022,  over 84 million homes in Europe  will be using smart technology. Given the high proportion of tourists that visit or reside in Cyprus, it is likely that the majority of homes in the country will follow the trend in going ‘smart’. This is an important consideration when it comes to buying…

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    Published on 28th June 2019

    RENTAL OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS   Today’s article aims to analyse the current student rental market and the choices available.   To begin with, there are two major categories of housing options.   The first concerns student housing buildings built on the basis of the relevant zoning regulations. They are usually relatively large buildings with common areas, reception halls, gyms,…

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  • Is Cyprus A Good Place To Invest In?

    Published on 5th June 2019

    In recent years the Cypriot government introduced an investment program to encourage foreign direct investment for Cyprus to flourish. A lot of investors see this as the perfect way to gain the sought-after ‘Golden Visa’ that come with European passports. In 2018 alone investment by Non-Cypriot buyers accounted for 47.3% of registered purchase deals, showing just how much the area is quickly…

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  • Perpetuating the problems of the real estate sector

    Published on 11th April 2019

    It is now the norm to shelve serious issues while promoting solutions for unimportant issues.   As chairman of the Cyprus Property Owners Association I’m frequently asked to participate in meetings of House of Representatives committees to discuss legislation regarding the real estate sector.   The main aim is to discuss either bills tabled by MPs or similar ones tabled by the government.…

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  • Your Guide to Larnaca

    Published on 8th March 2019

    Situated on the southern coast of Cyprus, Larnaca is the third largest city on the island, after Nicosia and Limassol . It’s an area that truly allows you to enjoy the Cypriot way of life thanks to its heritage, culture and endless activities. It provides you with the perfect balance between relaxing days and more exciting adventures. Discover our top picks of things to do in our guide to Larnaca.…

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