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Welcome to Fox Smart Estate Agency news page, here you can view all the latest Cyprus property news from the local experts. So if you want to find our more about the Cyprus real estate industry check out our latest news articles below:

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  • Your Guide to Paphos

    Published on 25th February 2019

    Situated on the southwest coast of Cyprus, Paphos offers culture and history amongst many famous archaeological sites. The beaches consist of white sand beaches and rocky coves, with many of them being awarded the blue flag.  Paphos property market Cyprus is seeing a positive increase in property prices and the number of property sales with the property market getting stronger. Just last year…

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  • Home Buyers Expo by FOX

    Published on 14th February 2019

    One Stop Solution First - ever Expo for property Buying and Financing    When? 23-24 Feb2018     Where? The Mall of Cyprus – Entrance Tim e:10:00 - 18:00   Thinking about buying a flat or a house? Is financing the purchase important for you? We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, February 23 at the Mall of Cyprus, Strovolos, between 10:00am – 6:00pm  …

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  • Your guide to Famagusta

    Published on 15th January 2019

    Situated on the east coast of Cyprus is Famagusta, also known as Gazimagusa in Turkish and Ammókhostos in Greek. The medieval walled area is full of architecture and the beach is said to be one of the best in Cyprus. Famagusta was originally a commercial port and fishing village and the port has the deepest harbour in Cyprus.    Famagusta property market The property market in Famagusta…

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    Published on 27th December 2018

    Due to the fact that citizens are having a tough time finding affordable housing, either to rent or buy, there is an ongoing debate about what the role of the state should be in resolving this problem. The answer is clear-cut. The state’s involvement should be kept at an absolute minimum. Many politicians, aiming to lure in the votes, are calling for the state to offer cheap housing either for…

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  • Your Guide to Nicosia

    Published on 13th December 2018

    Nicosia is not only the capital of Cyprus, it is also the largest city in the country. Due to its location, Nicosia is divided into two parts, with part being the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and part Southern Cyprus.  Nicosia property market In general, the Cyprus property market has seen a positive boost in 2018. Property transactions rose 21% year on year in July within Cyprus mainly…

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