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Welcome to Fox Smart Estate Agency news page, here you can view all the latest Cyprus property news from the local experts. So if you want to find our more about the Cyprus real estate industry check out our latest news articles below:

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    Published on 25th June 2015

    Each and every property in Cyprus is taxed three times: at acquisition, while it is being held and on its sale. It is a well-known fact that in Cyprus, properties are heavily taxed when they are sold or bought and they draw a negative comparison with what is the norm in other European countries. It is also well known that the holding property tax was considered reasonable to low up to 2011, but when…

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    Published on 10th June 2015

    Following the announcement of the government plan to protect the primary residence and small business accommodation by the Council of Ministers on June 3, to be monitored by KOAΓ (Cyprus Land Development Organization), we are witnessing the completion of the legal framework regarding foreclosures and insolvency. It is now the time for tough decisions by people with Non-performing Loans (NPLs). Why…

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  • A look at our town eyesores

    Published on 3rd June 2015

    Buildings thick in form but thin in character Experiencing a townscape, which is conceptually consistent and reasonably maintained is something that most of us do when we visit foreign capitals. Tourists get to experience it again when they return home. Our cities continue to be patchwork. Scattered, incoherent, incomplete constructions have manifestly mottled and mutated our otherwise decent looking…

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  • Immovable Property Tax - Inhuman and Absurd

    Published on 18th May 2015

      IMMOVABLE PROPERTY TAX - INHUMAN AND ABSURD The Previous Administration, in 2011 raked in €11 million from the Immovable Property Tax (IPT). In 2012 the income from the same tax shot up to €25 million. Regarding 2013 the previous government proposed a tax hike to reach the sum of €200 million. In the end, the new administration lowered that figure and collected €100 million for 2013 as…

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  • Valuation appeal deadline extended again

    Published on 24th April 2015

    The deadline for Cyprus property owners to appeal the Land Registry’s property valuation and correct any other mistakes expires on April 24, the Interior Ministry said in an announcement. The basis on which Immovable Property Tax (IPT) is calculated will change this year; the calculation will be based on the revised valuation as at 1 January 2013. The details of the revised IPT rates and tax bands…

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