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Published on 16th January 2020

The quality of life for our family and us is of the utmost importance during our times. This quality is directly related to our residence as well as the environment surrounding it.


Taking the above as a starting point we shall analyse the trends and needs new housing developments must meet if we are to claim the quality of everyday living.


We will take as an example a development which is being built based on European standards and innovations.


Being built in an area of about 10,000 sq. m it will be the only project in Nicosia offering the space and amenities for comfortable day-to-day living.


The buildings of the development will encompass a central square with benches, kiosks, fountains and pathways to be enjoyed only by tenants.


Professional designers have spent a lot of time to apply all contemporary ideas about housing.


Landscaping studies have been applied to ensure living in a park-like environment with indigenous trees and vegetation.


Every complex will carry the name of the trees surrounding it.


The security of the residents is a major factor of the development plans. It is focused on two main issues:

  • No vehicles will have access to ground-floor internal areas

  • There will be strict enforcement of entry to the complex, allowing access only to residents and their guests


A modern and safe playground will be created in a green area bordering the eastern side of the property.


The six-floor buildings will be situated on a high-ground area of Dasoupolis, Nicosia with magnificent views of Athalassa Park and only minutes away from the city centre.


The development is in the immediate vicinity of schools, shops, restaurants, coffee houses, the ‘’Areteion’’ private hospital. It has easy access to the Nicosia-Limassol highway.


All 2-bdrm, 3-bdrm and 4-bdrm dwellings boast comfortable internal areas, spacious verandas, 2 basement parking areas and a big storage space.


The buildings, constructed with modern construction materials for luxury and high energy efficiency will incorporate alarm and security systems, automated electrical installations. All the necessary infrastructure for a modern/comfortable way of life will be in place.

There will be a minimum of 20-metre space between buildings ensuring the privacy of residents.


All these modern amenities will be offered at prices favourably compared to the prices of conventionally-built apartments, (developments without yards, gardens, playgrounds, kiosks, fountains, etc.). These buildings do not usually offer more than one parking place, while security and access control leave a lot to the imagination. They are usually situated in the vicinity of older and badly maintained buildings, something which negatively affects aesthetics and protection of privacy.



We all have to ask ourselves: ‘’Who would not want to come back home to a quiet, green and safe environment offered by the specific development, after a long day, with strenuous work and demanding schedules?”.

George Mouskides
Διευθυντής FOX Smart Estate Agency
Chairman Cyprus Property owners Association (ΚΣΙΑ)



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