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Working From Home When You’re Off the Grid

Published on 20th August 2019
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In the UK and Europe, 50% of people working will do so remotely by the year 2020. While this is a common occurrence globally, the minimalist lifestyle is becoming very popular. With so much to consume, whether it be news, technology, or the latest new gadget, the pendulum is now swinging in the other direction. More and more people are choosing to scale back, spend less money and refocus priorities. Housing prices have skyrocketed globally and that is all the more reason to minimize. There are many ways to accomplish this, whether that’s moving to a rustic location in the Mediterranean or even living on the road. The reality is that for most people, while they may be inspired to live someplace rural and disconnect from the demands of modern life, they still need to make an income. So can you have your cake, and eat it too? In fact, there are several ways to earn a livelihood and simplify your life whilst living off the grid at the same time.

Explore Your Flexible Money-Making Skills

You may already have a job working remotely which is beneficial for off-grid living. For those of you that do not, begin by thinking creatively about what sort of skill set is unique to you. Perhaps you are an experienced artisan. You may be able to sell your wares in whatever town you end up in. Or maybe you are fantastic at handyman work. You can do that from anywhere! Freelance writing or consulting are other great options for working remotely. You’ll just need to find an internet cafe that offers wifi. Figure out what your niche is; then, capitalize on how you can make it work for you no matter where you are.

Get Creative with Your Home

There are options on what sort of space you can live in for an off-the-grid lifestyle. One option is to turn your current modern home into something more off-grid. Using solar panels is the first place to start. Next, you will want to get your appliances up to date. Your refrigerator and stove/oven should be less than 10 years old to meet current standards of energy efficiency. Another option for getting creative is to make your home mobile. You can take your home on the road with an RV. You will need a well-organized and efficient space. This last option gives you the most flexibility and actually adds a touch of adventure to your new life.

Find Your People

There are millions of people in the world living off the grid and working from home. Reach out and network to make the connections you need to do both successfully. As more jobs are becoming available for telecommuting, make that a priority in your job hunt.  Seek out the employment opportunity that is going to serve your new simple life. And likewise, connect with the people who will support you and your style of living. Finding a farm or permaculture garden to work on is a good place to start. You will benefit from joining sustainable communities and homesteaders who have the same objective. 

Once you have decided to make a lifestyle change and go off the grid, the resources are actually endless. Staying focused on your ultimate goal, and staying organized to meet that goal, will help as you take on the endeavor. With a bit of creative and critical thinking, it is surely an attainable goal. Not only will you be treating the planet a little better, but you will be living your best life doing the work you love.

Written by: Alicia Rennoll

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