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Palm Trees by the SeaWhy should I use a FOX property consultant?
A FOX Estates property consultant is not just a salesperson. Acting on your behalf as an agent and negotiator with your best interests in mind, they can provide advice, valuable guidance whilst they do their job, which is to help you buy or sell your home.

Do FOX Associates follow a code of ethics?
At FOX, our work is taken very seriously. A code of ethics has been established and is followed by all our Associates and Managers without exception. This is to ensure best possible practices for the benefit of our clients and to retain the excellent professional service levels FOX is well known for. Our code of ethics booklet can be obtained from any FOX office.

Who pays the commission on sales or rentals done through FOX?
In Cyprus, by law, the real estate agent commission is paid by the owner-seller. The maximum commission applied is usually 5%.

How does the FOX network work?
FOX is a network of real estate offices that operate across Cyprus in all major cities. Each office has its own Manager and Associates that work under the supervision and guidance of our Head Office and their Managers. Each Associate represents his/her own listings in each area or region in which he works and listings under each are clearly indicated on our website, with individual contact details for the person responsible. At FOX, we utilise state-of-the art technologies, including a website and an intranet communication system for the management of all properties.

What is an exclusive listing agreement?
This type of agreement involves a seller giving FOX the right to exclusively market their home, which means no other agent, will be able to sell or rent it. In return for locating a suitable buyer, the seller will pay a commission to FOX, which is normally a percentage of the sales or rental price agreed.

What are some of the common mistakes when selling your home?
The most common problem we encounter as a real estate agency is pricing of properties with the seller. This is not as simple as choosing how much money the seller wishes to make on the transaction but must be calculated both scientifically and with market understanding. Similar properties must be compared and differences accounted for. Current availability on the market as well as historical sales in the area must also be considered so that an educated price can be suggested. The end price must provide comfort for the seller and meet the value expectations of the buyer who is interested in that area. FOX can also assist with licensed surveyor evaluations where necessary.

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