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If you are seeking to exchange one or more of your properties in Cyprus, please enter relevant information in our form.

A property exchange has many benefits. A bank loan is not required and the transaction is tax-free for both parties (i.e. no capital gains for the property disposed and no transfer fees for the property acquired).

You can search by using 3 criteria: 

  1. By giving information on the property you wish to exchange you may find what properties are matching your property.
  2. By giving details of the property you wish to acquire, a list of properties sought in exchange will be available.
  3. A more specific search is possible by giving information both of the property you wish to exchange and details of the property you wish to acquire.

If no suitable results appear, you can complete our enquiry form to specify exactly what you are looking for and you will be contacted when an opportunity matching your requirements arises.

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