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Cyprus Permanent Residence

The Cyprus permanent residency program, offers the opportunity to permanently reside in Cyprus.

Permanent Residency in Cyprus offers the following benefits:

  • It has no expiry date ie. It is valid forever and no renewal is required

  • The permanent residency covers the whole family
  • The investor may own a business in Cyprus
  • The investor may travel throughout Europe with easy access to fist class healthcare and education
Investment requirement to get permanent residency in Cyprus:

The investor needs to buy one or more residential units of at least €300,000. The residency permit is issued very fast (one to two months). Beyond finding the suitable properties FOX can assist in the whole process for the application of getting the permanent residency.  

The permanent residency program is considered among the best, all around the word. Beyond finding the suitable properties, FOX can assist in the process for the application of getting the passport. In other words, the investor does not need a lawyer, accountant, or other adviser, to complete the program.

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