Tourist Land in Mazotos, Larnaca

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Ref: L-52854
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Property for Sale in Larnaca, Mazotos, Cyprus

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Property Details
  • For Sale
  • Property Type: Land
  • Property Subtype: Tourist
  • Location: Larnaca, Mazotos, Cyprus
  • Price: €1,000,000
  • VAT: N/A
  • Loan Installment: €4,743

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Loan Installment Calculations:
Closing Price: €1,000,000
Own Contribution (35%): €350,000
Loan Amount (65%): €650,000
Interest rate: 3.8%
Years of repayment: 15 years

More Information
  • Plot/Land Size: 8224sqm
  • Reference: L-52854
Larnaca Aradippou
Mobile: (+357) 99617924

Address: Larnaca, Aradippou Office Eleftherias
Touristical land in T2a zone located in Mazoto, 250 m from the beach. It is ideal for building houses, hotels, tourist villages and tourist resorts. The domisi for houses is up to 30%, for hotels up to 50%, for tourist villages up to 45% and for tourist resorts up to 50%. There is also the right development to 3 floors. The village Mazotos is found in the province of Larnaca and it is found at a distance of 20 kilometers southwesterly of the city of Larnaca. Also the village of Mazotos is built in the coastal plain of Larnaca having an average altitude of 35 meters. The landscape of the village has a general bent towards the sea. The altitude starting from 80 meters in the northwesterly side of the village (hill "Viklones") falls to an altitude of 35 meters near the settlement and it is decreased progressively towards the sea, which washes its southern side.
Zone (ie. H2)
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